Added Value Services

At CRYOPDP, our global teams understand and recognize the importance of creating value-added services.

We see ourselves as Life Sciences and Healthcare logistics innovators, and our client partners tell us that we think differently from other transport companies while creating a focus on their growth and development.

How do we do this? We simply look to support your shipments through our extensive global network that provides access to hundreds of strategic partner associates, whose skills and experience include the following:

  • Expertise in quality, cold chain and regulatory compliance
  • Comprehensive logistical solutions
  • Flexibility
  • Tailor-made
  • Cost effective
  • 24/7 visibility throughout transit via the CRYOPDP Control Tower
  • Real-time status
  • Online customer interface
  • Dedicated account management and bespoke KPI reporting

Each one of our experts understands the operational requirements needed to ensure that your shipment is transported in line with your budget and quality obligations, enabling us to deliver your shipments in peak condition and without delays.

  • Pick pack preparation

    CRYOPDP can operate the preparation of all temperature-controlled packaging at our client or CRYOPDP facilities with same day shipping services, and manage all the shipment processes:

    • Storage
    • Picking 
    • Packing with the most appropriate cold source solution (dry ice, gel packs, liquid nitrogen)
    • Labeling
    • Documentation
    • Control tower monitoring
  • Onboard courier

    CRYOPDP has local rules and regulations expertise and can advise on the best transport solution to expedite across the globe: quickly, safely and in a cost effective manner.

    We can provide a hand carry/onboard courier service or send on a next flight out basis for all of your time sensitive shipments with total peace of mind.

  • "White glove" service

    Dedicated service provided by a specialist and highly trained professional when the product must be delivered or collected precisely with direct supervision.

    CRYOPDP can work closely with you in developing SOPs and specific requirements for this level of service.

  • Dangerous goods management

    Preparatory work in terms of paperwork review/supply, packaging, labeling and shipping in accordance with the relevant IATA and ADR regulations.

    Applicable to the following typical commodities:

    • Infectious substances
    • Radioactive materials (In Excepted Quantities only)
    • Biological and clinical waste
    • Toxic substances
    • Corrosive materials
    • Flammable liquids and solids
    • Gases and controlled drugs containing dangerous goods
  • Direct to Patient

    Over the years, CRYOPDP teams have been working in tandem with our clients' and partners to provide tailor-made and innovative solutions for their investigational sites supply-chain requirements increasingly requiring the services of a Direct to Patient supply solution.

    CRYOPDP specialised teams are highly focused in setting Direct-to-Patient (DtP) tailor-made projects based on the most demanding customer-specific needs:

    • Delivery to pick-up  
    • Clinical trials to commercial
    • Temperature controlled drugs to specimens  
    • Domestic to multi-country

    Want to know how CRYOPDP can deliver your treatments to your patients? Get to know more information here.

  • Lab move

    CRYOPDP is the preferred provider for lab relocation solutions and high volume samples transport through a reliable cold chain global support network. A team of experts with a full knowledge of the organisation of complex transport samples under strict temperature-controlled conditions ensures the integrity of your most critical samples during the shipment process.

    CRYOPDP offers a turnkey solution including an analysis and validation of the chosen lanes with all the security elements, the provision of material such as cryogenic vessels combined with liquid nitrogen back-up injected in vessels when needed, location tracking,  all temperature monitoring throughout the transport process, and the provision of fully trained ADR drivers for these critical moves. Get to know more information here

  • Investigator Site Study Support (ISSS)

    Making sure that investigators have access to all the information they need about each consignment, including:

    • Study logistics information including latest call time / latest pick-up time information
    • Provision of Investigator Manual information containing full instructions
    • Local supply of IATA-compliant packaging and airway bills
    • Provision of controlled ambient, refrigerated, frozen and cryo packaging
    • Weekend collections and delivery to investigator site laboratory where needed wherever possible
  • Control Tower Solution

    Managing and organizing the transport and logistics requirements for our customer behalf globally, including: key study KPI reporting.

    • Monitoring: Constant monitoring of the shipments through our IT tool. Management the inventory on a daily basis
    • Coordinating: Central point of contact for all partners in the logistic chain. Activation of contingency plans if necessary. Use of pre-defined escalation procedure and contacts if needed.  
    • Invoicing: Issuing of invoices in PDF and CSV format and follow-up on payment and credit notes when applicable. Freight audit of integrator’s invoices.
    • KPIs: Preparation of Key Performance Indicators reports on defined time basis according to quality agreement.