CRYOPDP Business Continuity Actions COVID-19

CRYOPDP is monitoring the evolving situation and is taking every precaution to protect our employees, customers and logistics partners. Our global teams are totally committed to support our customers with mitigation plans across our offices to ensure the best solutions in the regions affected by COVID-19.

  • Business continuity plans in place at CRYOPDP offices and logistics facilities.
  • Proactive measures in place to protect our employees, customers and supply partners from the transmission of the virus.

- Warehouse areas have been isolated from office areas and employees working  in theses areas will not physically interact;

- Office based employees are split into Teams A and B. Team A will work from office and team B will work from home and rotate every two weeks;

- No drivers including employees will access CRYOPDP facilities;

- All physical handling of shipments and packages with nitrile gloves;

- All employed and subcontract drivers issued with facemasks to use at the request of customers or vendors when delivering to their premises;

- Contractor access limited to cleaning and emergency repairs;

- Enhanced cleaning regimes at offices and supply of disinfectant materials to all employees;

- Enhanced cleaning of reusable packaging using manufacturer recommended cleaning materials;

- All meetings on CRYOPDP premises involving external visitors cancelled until further notice;

- No international business travel until further notice. We are monitoring our employees personal  international travel and requiring them to self isolate if moving through a high risk area. 

  • We have daily meetings of local and global crisis committees to monitor the evolving situation and take action as necessary and as advised by local government authorities.
  • We are monitoring closely the regions affected and rerouting proactively to preempt flight cancellations and regional closures or lockdowns of logistics facilities.
  • We are fully supporting our customers with their contingency plans and reactive responses to the impact on their clinical trials logistics. 

For any specific information please contact your local office.