Other Industries

Our logistics expertise combined with our vast and stable international network, generates considerable savings of time and money for our client partners. From dry ice to liquid nitrogen and other urgent shipments, we have decades of experience partnering with diverse industries and sectors.

Managing other urgent sector shipments outside of the Life Sciences and Healthcare has been an area that our global teams have excelled in. Our ability to support time critical moves across our network stems from the fact that our CRYOPDP Global Teams can offer the following:

  1. Dry ice and liquid nitrogen supply for our client partners within the agricultural, food, cosmetic and chemical industries.
  2. Same day/48-hour delivery globally for our client partners across a multitude of sectors.
  3. Large-scale move capabilities that require complex planning and air/ground support for our client partners in the FMCG, metallurgy, oil & gas, aviation, automotive, military and AOG sectors.
  4. Presenting quick response expertise for sporting associations and equine groups for urgent last minute response shipments, from athlete samples to critical event parts.

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