Liquid Nitrogen

Colorless, odorless, non-toxic, inert and non-flammable, nitrogen is the main component of air.

Information on essential physical and chemical properties:

  • Melting point: -210°C
  • Boiling point: -196°C
  • Critical temperature: -147°C


Cold metal parts fitting? Preservation of biological or pharmaceutical products? Food or dermatological use? Or other professional use?

We have the solution. Our global sales and logistics teams can advise and recommend the best equipment and solution models for delivery to your workplace.


    Whether storing or transporting liquid nitrogen, there is a suitable tank that will allow you to handle liquid nitrogen safely. Depending on your needs (storage, transport, freezing), our teams will advise you on the installation, handling, and maintenance of your equipment and storage vessels. CRYOPDP brings you its global expertise and can provide you with the cryogenic containers adapted for your use, so that you handle your products in the best conditions and in complete safety.

    CRYOPDP offers a full range of cryogenic equipment:

    • Storage and conservation of the liquid nitrogen
    • Cryopreservation vessels
    • Transport of biological samples
    • High capacity storage

    To handle liquid nitrogen safely, it is imperative that you fit yourself with personal safety equipment that is suitable for handling this product. Both liquid nitrogen and cryogenic fluids can cause severe burns on contact with the face, eyes or skin. Two types of burns can occur: by projection or by contact. Plus, the handling of liquid nitrogen can lead to a risk of anoxia (lower oxygen level) in the space where the product is handled. CRYOPDP brings you its expertise and can provide you with all of the adapted safety equipment for your use, so that you handle the products in the best conditions.

    CRYOPDP offers a full range of safety equipment:

    • Cryogenic protective gloves
    • Protective goggles
    • Oxygen detectors

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