Public and Private Health

In a world where more and more focus is on regulatory controlled public and private health, CRYOPDP is committed to providing the best support possible for public and private health organizations. Be it public health institutes managing local, regional and global pandemics, disease concerns and outbreaks or private health groups supporting advancements in patient-focused therapeutic safety, our teams guarantee a safe, reliable, trustworthy and flexible transport model.


Providing such a model involves presenting the segment expertise needed around such key human and animal health risk projects, coupled with a permanent ability to react in a timely and ethical manner. The CRYOPDP model that our teams have developed for the public and private health sectors guarantees a quick and efficient delivery solution in accordance with the regulatory and packaging requirements for these types of shipments.

Why? CRYOPDP has recognized expertise in the handling and transport of key shipments such as cell lines and cultures, vaccines, pandemic research samples, infectious or hazardous materials and biological samples that are consistently delivered safely, on time, and within the agreed critical temperature range in accordance with local and international stringent shipping regulations.

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