Temperature Controlled Packaging 

CRYOPDP is always on hand to assist with the supply of both IATA compliant and pre-qualified transport packaging solutions or bulk shipping containers when you do not have them to hand.

Whether it’s the need to provide temperature controlling solutions for the transport of investigational drugs or biological samples direct to clinical investigator sites or bulk shipments of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) or clinical trial supplies to production facility or country depot, CRYOPDP can assist with the appropriate specialist shipment solution.

    Our stock range of biological sample, investigational drug, API and clinical product packaging solutions are manufactured by the world’s leading suppliers and come pre-qualified against a range of hot to hot, hot to cold, cold to hot and cold to cold temperature ramps.

    Our range of specialist product packaging is available in a variety of sizes to suit most applications.  Where a bespoke solution is required we can assist by working hand-in-hand with shipper manufacturers to meet your needs.

    Stock temperature ranges covered include:

    • +15°C to +25°C (Controlled Ambient)
    • +2 to +8°C (Refrigerated)
    • -25°C to -15°C (Frozen)
    • -78°C to -20°C (Deep Frozen)
    • -196°C to -150°C (Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Vapour Shippers)

    Where a bulk shipping solution is required, CRYOPDP can provide a variety of solutions in both active and passive forms. Our global teams are familiar with the handling of these large time and temperature critical shipments and bulk temperature controlled containers and will ensure temperature stability is maintained door to door.